December 10: Sportcomplex
For our client in Thailand we created a concept for a 30.000m2 sporting complex. The design is based on a modular system which makes the complex flexible, cost efficient and easy to buikd.

December 1: Baan Talay
Our client has a passion for technology. We wanted to create a easy to build and cost efficient system from which we create the concept for the villa in Baan Talay, Thailand.

November 18: Projects
We uploaded some new projects to our project area.

Oktober 10: Xiamen Holland House
For our new office in Xiamen China we created a special interior design.

September 25: OKC
TEKTON just got the GO AHEAD on the renovation of the OKC building in the east district of Amsterdam. The construction will start this week.

July 05: Yangling Seedpark
This is a introduction movie for the new location of Yangling.
July 03: Tong'an City Concept Development
In collaboration with AULa-design we are working on a new city concept voor the Tong'an area, China.

June 25: BSH Facebookpage
TEKTON's project at Buiksloterham started a facebook page. Would you like to have the most recent information about the Buiksloterham project? Like us on Facebook

June 20: Yangling Housing
TEKTON made a concept design for a housing project in Yangling, China.

June 18: Blok 13
TEKTON is pleased to announce the design for Blok 13, Oostpoort, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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